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A visual design is a good way to evaluate space and determine function on a property. Putting these designs on paper allow us to communicate better with our clients.

We can devise a design plan for your property based on your ideas and the intended use of the property. The Landscape Group, Inc. works with you, our client, to fine tune the drawings to your requirements as well as the specifications of any regulatory authorities, i.e. the building department, highway department, etc. We work with these authorities as a course of business and will be present if it is necessary to have any inspections of the work as it progresses.

Designs range greatly, and several factors determine how these designs will look. Plan views, elevations, side views, color renderings and computer animations are all types of design layouts. A landscape design gives our clients a clearer view of what the finished project will look like, and enables us to turn your creative ideas into realities. One of the biggest joys for us as a landscape design / build company is to bring your ideas to life and create a unique setting around your home or business.

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When do you need a design?

  • You've just bought new construction and want to add a finished look to your property or features like a paver stone patio.
  • You've watched the landscaping shows, but don't know where to begin. A design provides a plan of action.
  • The planning department requires a plan for approval of your drainage plan or addition of a patio.