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Retaining Walls

If you need to hold back a slope or unwanted hill, level a portion of your property, or if just for mere asthetics, a retaining wall is a simple solution to many different situations.

Walls come in various shapes and sizes, textures and colors that will impress even the most finicky of homeowners. Walls for form or function have come a long way from the time of railroad ties, although ties still can be an adequate and functional feature with the proper drainage behind them.

Drainage is always a key element in retaining walls, so it is important to consult a professional before embarking on such a project.

Whether you want to go one foot high or twenty feet high, the sky is the limit with today's engineered concrete retaining blocks. They are a beautiful and durable addition to any landscape. There are endless choices, from curbing to pillars, which when coupled with night-lighting (in or around the stones themselves) can create a beautiful feature that is both for safety and visual pleasure.

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