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Waterfalls, ponds and water features

Possibly the most beautiful and tranquil addition to your landscape is the installation of a type of water feature.

Imagine moving water cascading over rocks, flowing into or down a stream bed to a pond area, where fish swim freely. We can create a customized water feature to meet your needs, no matter how big or small.

Pumps and filtration systems do all the work while you rest like a king or queen of your own exotic landscape. Special features add a unique touch, like water lilies, water lettuce, cat tails, tadpoles, snails, even underwater lighting. 

Anything you can imagine can be used to enhance your showpiece. Start your own ecosystem of life for years to come. Minimal maintenance is required for a successful water garden, either leave it to us or allow us to show you how to care for your treasure.

water feature small pond

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